Shirakaba [East Wing, 2F]

A bright and airy open space decorated with white birch (shirakaba) motifs.
This large banquet hall can be divided in two to configure it according to your needs.

Room details

Size (m2) Ceiling height (cm)
270.9 300
Banquet room
Rooms Capacity (people) Price
Room name Banquet with round tables Buffet (per hour, up to three hours)
Shirakaba 130 180 JPY 18,360
Shirakaba (east) 50 70 JPY 7,560
Shirakaba (west) 80 100 JPY 10,800
Conference room
Capacity (people) Price
Rows Theater style (one hour)
180 364 JPY 44,280
60 112 JPY 18,360
108 168 JPY 25,920

*Prices include tax.


Conferences: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm / Parties: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Please note that a premium rate will be charged for any use outside the times above.
* Prices include tax.


[East Wing, 2nd floor ground plan] Shirakaba. Order (from left to right): west, east
Rows: 15, seats: 180 (12 per row).
Banquet with round tables
Buffet: 1 center table