Wedding ceremony

Where it all begins
Grand Hill Ichigaya Wedding

Your wedding ceremony
 will become a precious memory
to be enjoyed for the rest of your life

Christian style/Non-religious style

On a small green hill stands the largest freestanding basilica-style chapel in Tokyo, with its soaring vaulted ceiling and 15 m long marble aisle.
Let authentic pipe organ music and dazzling light from stained glass windows create a gorgeous setting for your perfect wedding.
The spiral staircase is the ideal backdrop for an exquisite picture of the bride in her dress.

Shinto wedding

An austere shrine space that heightens the senses.
Exchange your vows to the tones of traditional gagaku music in a sacred ceremony imbued with the ancient rules and traditions of Japan.
Our shrine is home to Izanagi no Okami and Izanami no Okami of Taga Taisha Shrine in Shiga Prefecture, the first couple in Japanese mythology and also the guardians of marriage.