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1. Use of this website

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2. Changes to publicly available information

This Hotel may change or remove information made publicly available on this Website or the details of any services provided without prior notice. This Website may be made unavailable without prior notice, in whole or in part, briefly or for longer periods, in order to conduct maintenance work, handle system failures or for other reasons.

3. Copyright

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4. Disclaimer

This Hotel takes the utmost care with regard to all information displayed on this Website. However, this Hotel does not guarantee that all information on this Website is correct and complete. Current conditions take precedence over any information about the business activities of this Hotel that are described on this Website. This Hotel will assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage incurred by guests as a result of their use of this Website.
Even if a guest suffers damage as a result of service interruptions caused by maintenance work on this Website or system failures involving this Website, this Hotel will assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever.

5. Linking to this Website

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6. Privacy Policy

In the course of processing bookings and inquiries, this Website may ask users to submit personal information and store that information in a database. This information will only be used by this Hotel to provide valuable services to guests. It will not be used for any other purpose.
Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
These terms of use may change without prior notice. Please make sure to check the latest version.