Privacy Policy

1. Basic principles regarding the protection of personal information

Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya ("this Hotel") respects the privacy of its customers and protects their personal information in accordance with the following basic policies.

  1. This Hotel will not use personal information beyond the scope of what is necessary to achieve its purposes.
  2. This Hotel strives to manage personal information appropriately at all times while using it, including by preventing unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of that information.
  3. This Hotel will never provide personal information to third parties except with the consent of the individual involved or when permitted by laws and regulations. When providing personal information to third parties, this Hotel will provide only the amount of information that is strictly necessary.
  4. This Hotel will disclose to individuals the information it holds about them upon their request, to the extent that is permitted by laws and regulations.
  5. This Hotel scrupulously abides by all laws and regulations that apply to personal information. To that end, this Hotel will periodically review and improve the policies stated above.

2. Acquisition of personal information

This Hotel acquires personal information in the course of taking reservations for accommodation, weddings, dinners, conferences and restaurants; while these services are being used; and from customer applications, inquiries and survey responses incidental to the services and products associated with them. This information is obtained in the following ways:

  1. Directly from the individual concerned via methods including phone calls, written correspondence (including correspondence in electronic or magnetic formats), business cards, verbal correspondence, and the Internet
  2. From persons authorized by the individual concerned to dispense such information
  3. From publicly available media including newspapers, online sources, phone books, publications and other print sources

3. Purposes of use of personal information

This Hotel may use personal information obtained about customers for the following purposes.

  1. To contact the individual concerned to confirm and provide information; to deliver products and materials; to respond to inquiries from the individual concerned; to arrange for services, payments, and settlements, etc.
  2. To compile and analyze statistics with the aim of understanding and improving the use of this Hotel's facilities, services, products, website, etc.

4. Provision of personal information

Except in the following cases, this Hotel will not provide personal information of customers to third parties.

  1. When the individual concerned has given this Hotel permission to share personal information
  2. When permitted by laws and regulations
  3. When contractors of this Hotel make use of the information after having signed an agreement that includes provisions on the confidentiality and appropriate management of personal information

5. About the handling of personal information on the website of this Hotel

In the course of providing services via its website, this Hotel may ask customers to enter and submit personal information.

  1. The website of this Hotel does not use the technology referred to as "cookies" to gather information about customers.
  2. The website of this Hotel records information about customers who visited the website in an access log. This access log stores information such as the IP address of a visitor and the time of the visit. However, it does not contain personally identifiable information. This access log is used for purposes related to the management of the website of this Hotel and for analytical purposes.
  3. The website of this Hotel contains several links to third-party websites, but these links do not serve to share the personal information of customers. This Hotel is not responsible for the collection of personal information via any of the third-party websites linked from its own website. Please refer to the privacy policy, etc., of the third-party website in question for more information.

6. Disclosure of personal information

This Hotel endeavors to manage the personal information of customers in such a way that it is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If a customer requests that this Hotel disclose the personal information held about him or her, this Hotel will comply with that request within the extent permitted by laws and regulations.

Contact: General Affairs Division, Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya, 4-1 Ichigaya Honmuracho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0845, Japan



*Please contact us using any of the above methods for more information about how to request disclosure of personal information (necessary documents, how to submit a request, verification of the requester's identity, etc.).

*Replies to requests for disclosure of personal information will be sent in writing.

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy

The content of this Privacy Policy may be changed without notice in response to the amendment or abolition of laws and regulations, changes in social norms, and other reasons.