European Restaurant Salvia

Enjoy the varied menu and relaxing atmosphere of this popular restaurant

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

European Restaurant Salvia offers a varied menu of tasty dishes, each prepared with great skill using painstakingly selected
ingredients. Appreciate them at your leisure in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.


Grilled Abe chicken with tomato sauce
Abe chicken from Iwate Prefecture, marinated in olive oil and carefully roasted to perfection on a grill. Note the tenderness of the meat and the delicious smell of the skin. JPY 1,200

Dinner course

Carefully prepared to take full advantage of the flavors of each individual seasonal ingredient. Enjoy your food with a perfectly paired wine.

Dinner (à la carte)

A delectable range of dishes, from our chef’s favorite meat and fish dishes to our specialty hamburger and pasta.

Party packages

We provide the perfect food and drink to liven up any gathering, from your girls-only evening to a welcome party or wedding after-party, and all at a reasonable price.
Enjoy our catering options in European Restaurant Salvia or Café & Bar Cattleya.

Select wines

Our sommelier has selected the right wine to go with every dish. Enjoy your food with a perfectly paired glass

Restaurant name Western Dining Salvia
Hours: Breakfast: 7:00 am to 10:00 am, lunch: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm (last order at 2:00 pm), dinner: 5 pm to 10 pm (last order at 9:30 pm)
Floor/capacity East Wing, 1st floor/seats 60, non-smoking
Average budget (per person) Lunch: JPY 1,200 to JPY 2,000/dinner: JPY 1,500 to JPY 6,000
Credit cards Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners, UC
Others *There is no service charge.
*We use only Japanese rice.
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