Management philosophy and company principles

Management philosophy

Through cordial hospitality, we at Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya create a space where all our guests can relax to their heart's content in all possible comfort.

Company principles

  • -To ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our guests, we provide service that is always cordial, polite and quick.
  • -To make the best possible impression on our guests, our appearance and behavior are always immaculate, elegant and humble.
  • -To ensure the safety and security of our guests, hygiene management and safety management are our top priorities.
  • -To safeguard personal information and other data about our guests, we store and manage data appropriately and do everything possible to avoid leaks and unauthorized access.
  • -To ensure a healthy organizational culture, we strenuously avoid any association with crime syndicates and other anti-social forces.
  • -To ensure that we fully comply with all our agreements with our business partners, we conduct our business in a fair and transparent way.