Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi and Ethernet is available in the all guest rooms.

The following devices are free to connect our wired or wireless service:

  • PC running Windows Vista or later
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) via Wi-Fi
  • Android (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) via Wi-Fi

Available Locations:

  • East and West side of guest rooms (Ethernet and Free Wi-Fi)
  • Basement to third floor of public places in East building
  • Conference rooms in East building


  • Our internet service is provided free of charge
  • However, you have to set up your own device by yourself
  • we will not take any responsibility in the case of lost data or problems caused by an outage of our internet service
  • You will be charged in the event that you break a device rented from us
  • we will not take any responsibility for any damages or problems caused by your configuration or use of our internet service