Our special Japanese-Western buffet breakfast

A delicious breakfast for the perfect start to your day

Enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western dishes at the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in our airy tea lounge.
We offer a wide range of options, made with only the best and most delectable ingredients to ensure your good health and happiness.


Japanese food menu


Takikomi rice

Rice seasoned and cooked with a variety of seasonal ingredients.


Homemade fried chicken with shiokoji

The chicken is fried with our own homemade shiokoji to make the meat extremely tender and juicy and give it an intense, concentrated flavor.


Homemade tofu

Perfect with breakfast, our flavorful homemade tofu is kind on your body and your stomach.




baked salmon


onsen tamago


Homemade shoyukoji and shiokoji

With your white rice and rice gruel, we offer you not only pickled plums, seasoned dried seaweed and fermented soybeans, but also our own homemade shoyukoji and shiokoji.


Homemade pickles made in brine and bran

Please do try our homemade pickles. These raw vegetables have absorbed all the goodness of rice bran and are absolutely bursting with nutrients.

Western-style food menu


Scrambled eggs

Soft and creamy Scrambled eggs made by lots of butter and milk.


Breakfast Curry Rice

The Breakfast Curry Rice makes your brain fine and adjusts body rythem.This spicy smell whets your appetite.


Sausages and bacon

Whet your appetite with our juicy sausages, smoky and delectable. Then delight your taste buds with a thick slice of rind-on bacon from whey-fed Italian pork.


Three types of smoothies

We offer three types: a smoothie that uses 18 different ingredients, and smoothies based on carrot and black sesame.


Our signature healthy and colorful salad

Staying healthy begins with a serving of this fresh salad every morning. Let yourself be tempted by this rich and colorful arrangement.


Hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 am
Usage charge JPY 1,400 per person (tax included)
Breakfast location Tea lounge on the ground floor of the East Wing
Others *Please arrive before 9:30 am. Children under six eat for free.
*Only JPY 1,300 if you sign up for breakfast at the front desk by the day before.
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